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ACCESSORIES : Atmospheric Reentry | MAIKO TAKEDA

Japanese millinery designer Maiko Takeda presented her eye-catching 2013 MA collection ‘Atmospheric Reentry’ at London’s Royal Collage of Art. Her series of exciting sculptural headpieces that were covered in acetate bristles where also presented on this year’s accessories division of ITS competition sponsored by YKK. Born in Tokyo, Takeda moved to London back in 2005 to study jewelry design at Central Saint Martins. ‘Atmospheric Reentry’ was designed with a desire to create hats that blurred boundaries to their surrounding environment, inspired by the Philip Glass opera Einstein on the Beach, that was originally directed by Robert Wilson. Although they look somehow futuristic, all of Takeda’s designs were painstakingly crafted by hand, as she wanted to keep something tactile and analog about them. The effect is in the final result, that created somehow a digital look, made of tactile and low-tech materials.

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