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PHOTOGRAPHY : Digitally Enhanced Photos | FUKE

Japanese photographer FUKE P-San transforms his photos into an amazing experiences by applying various color enhancing techniques. Photographing the world around him, FUKE works with digital color and light effects to give the photograph a different aesthetic, one that showcases the beauty he notices and feels when looks at a new scenery.

"Snow of the candy country, What is Kawaii? Kawaii contains the meaning of non-aggressiveness like the baby animals, especially of the mammal, which should be loved. Kawaii contains the meaning of die when there is no help like the baby animals, which should be loved. Kawaii contains the meaning of to attract people in charm, which should be loved. Kawaii contains the meaning of non-aggressiveness for the good friend, which should be loved each other. What is hakanai? Hakanai contains the meaning of transient existence. I decided to have the "love" in my theme of my art works. Because most of the contemporary arts avoided it in last century. And I think I had better to think about it with people. "all artificial lights are the love" Fireworks are the love for the festival from the fireworker to the watching people. And I make the firework’s detail clear to see. All the lights of the town are for the people who live there. Handy lights are the love for oneself without fell down. The inventor invented the lights so that people are easy to come to live. It must be the love for everybody. I want to use the lights in my photos so that I want all of you to feel some kind of happiness. I thought about this, when I answered that I sometimes use the artificial lights in the snowy landscapes. I noticed that the face of the person who asked that to me shows the disappointment. He expected it was made by only the natural lights, I thought. I will give him the next answer: all artificial lights are the love."


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